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Feb 23, 2020

Sitemap of the portal

Web Portal .. Sitemap 

[UGIIP-3 Recommended Format]

A.Citizen awareness and participation      
  • TLCC Meeting 
    • Meeting notice 
    • Attendance sheet of the members
    • Minutes of the meeting
  • Citizen Charter 
    • Download the citizen charter 
    • Number and location of the Citizen Charters displayed in the Pourashava
  • Grievance Redress Cell (GRC)       
    • Contact information of safe guard focal person and GRC (address of GRC desk, cell phone, entail etc.)
    • GRC meeting notice, attendance and minutes of GRC meeting 
    • No. of complains received no. of complains resolved

B. Urban Planning            
  •                Paurashava Development Plan

  • No. of applications for construction of building received and no. of applications approved

C. Gender Development and Poverty Reduction   
               • Gender Action Plan (GAP), Budget and Expenditure
               • Meeting Notice of the Women and Children Affairs (WCA) Standing Committee (GAP)
               • Poverty Reduction Action Plan (PRAP), Budget and Expenditure
               • Meeting Notice - Poverty Reduction and Slum Improvement Standing Committee (PRAP) 

D. Resource Mobilisation             
               • Annual Budget
               • Audit Report
               • Citizen awareness messages on paying tax regularly
               • Awareness messages on water use and payment of water tariff regularly

E. Standing Committees
               • List of standing committees
               • Contact information of Chairperson (Name, Designation, Cell phone number) of the Standing Committees

F. Pourashava services   
               • Plan, budget and expenditure for Solid Waste Management
               • Plan, budget and expenditure for Cleaning and Maintenance of Drains
               • Plan, budget and expenditure for arrangement for keeping Straight Light Functional
               • Plan, budget and expenditure for O&M of infrastructure through MMT
               • Plan, budget and expenditure for Managing Sanitation
               • Raising awareness of the citizen on solid waste, drain, sanitation etc.